HP paper is 100% certified by the FSC™

All HP papers are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC™). This certification ensures that the forests HP paper comes from are managed responsibly, guaranteeing their healthy growth for future generations.

Ecological Myths

  • How many tons of CO2 are captured per year by IP Brazil’s eucalyptus forests?

    51 metric tons for every hectare of eucalyptus forest. IP also replants 18 eucalyptus trees for every metric ton of paper produced.

  • How does the paper and cellulose industry reduce its carbon footprint?

    Through the use of renewable energy sources in industries and from carbon storage in forest plantations. A large amount of the energy used in industries comes from waste from these trees, called biomass.

  • Are electronic media more ecological than paper?

    Not necessarily. Paper is made from wood from trees planted for this purpose, so it is 100% recyclable and biodegradable; on the other hand, electronic devices are made from metals that come from non-renewable sources, including coal, minerals, and petroleum. The ideal situation is to have a conscious balance in our day-to-day use.

  • Where does the paper we use to write and print on come from?

    100% of the paper we use comes from eucalyptus forests planted for this purpose. They are certified, and they are part of a sustainable project that benefits both people and nature.

  • Does eucalyptus reduce soil quality?

    Soil is the paper industry’s biggest asset, so we all take care of it to make sure its quality is not degraded. The management of forests planted by International Paper respects and considers all of the natural characteristics of each region.

  • Does the planting of eucalyptus reduce biodiversity?

    At IP, we intersperse eucalyptus with natural conservation areas, allowing wild animals to roam freely.  We have studies that have identified 375 native tree species in our plantations, plus 380 animals from the Brazilian fauna – both birds and mammals.

  • Where does the energy used to make paper come from?

    A large proportion of the energy used is produced by the company itself, using energy generated during production, or from tree waste. In 2013, International Paper achieved a 49% reduction in greenhouse gases and increased the renewable energy component of its energy matrix by 90% in Brazil.

  • What is the effective water consumption of International Paper for paper production?

    7.71 m3 per metric ton. Water is used in the entire production cycle of paper, and we return 95% of the water used back to the source.

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